Day 12
18 May 2005

Please note that text in red indicates comments and changes to the original 2005 text that I made in June 2008. Enjoy!

Today started off kind of slowly. After a normal Hotel Garni breakfast, all of us headed over to the world-famous Uni for another lecture. This lecture was about the presentations that we had to give the next day on our companies. Entitled "Lecture on Industry Analysis," it was definitely a thrill a minute. Because of retarded personal reasons (Again, I'm sorry for being late, Herr Fock! (Yuck. I remember that.)), I was late for this meeting. The funny part about this lecture (and when I say "funny", I suppose that I mean "ironic") was that most of the point of the lecture was to prepare us for our presentations we had to give the next day, right? Well, each of our presentations was supposed to be about 8 minutes long with a time for some questions at the end. . . but the lecture about our 8-minute presentations was over 60 minutes long! Herr Fock just kept talking about things we should mention and things we should include. . . it got to be too much. :) Ah, well. It didn't last that long.

Laura and her new hat at dinner the night before. Another non-breakfast/morning shot, I know.

After the lecture, my group for EADS (Casey, Claudius, Jurgen, and I) worked for several hours on our presentation. I designed it using Keynote 2 and Photoshop 7. We got it 95% finished, agreed to meet the next day, and left. I went to lunch with Peter. We decided to go back and try Andrew's "best pizza in Augsburg." We bought 4 pieces with ham, and we sat down at another restaurant's tables (that had the chairs chained up, but we didn't care) and proceeded to eat. I took an "action shot" of Peter eating the pizza. The pizza itself tasted good, but it didn't taste much like pizza. *shrug* We enjoyed it and then moved on. :)

Peter, eating pizza. You're all on the edge of your seats, I know.

If memory serves me correctly, we went shopping for more souvenirs (and you think I would have learned to type 'souvenirs' without spell check by now, but such is not the case. . . :) I've learned it now, though.), but I was unsuccessful in finding anything really great. Peter and I did see a store selling a bunch of American baseball caps, but they were all for the New York Yankees. Such a shame. *winks* (Actually, I'm pretty apathetic about baseball. . . Three cheers for my national pastime, eh?) :)

Anyone need a hat? I didn't, and I don't.

On Wednesday night, the group of us watched one of those trashy teen movies that doesn't really deserve to be mentioned here. I didn't like the movie--I would rather have watched Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, which is what I did on Thursday. . . but that's for day 13!

When viewed at 100%, this image shows what Elena's shirt says--"THE FRICK Art & Historical Center," a place in Pittsburgh. Neat, I thought. :)

And yes, this picture was about 90% a reason just to get that close to Elena. I mean, look at her!

Onward, to Day 13!

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