Day 14
20 May 2005

Please note that text in red indicates comments and changes to the original 2005 text that I made in June 2008. Enjoy!

Peter and I got up early enough to catch the tail end of breakfast again, as was our favorite pattern. I was kind of starting to be a little sad--I had really had quite an excellent time here in Germany! As I put it in a later e-mail to Keiha, "Making this trip to Germany has easily been the single most satisfying, gratifying, emotionally-moving, and spiritually-fulfilling experience of my life. If I would have been given the opportunity to trade the future of the human race for this trip, I would have chosen this trip, hands down." As you can see, I was trying to be little bit silly. . . but the feeling is there, if not that fanatically extreme. I think you understand. If you don't, e-mail me. I'll gladly explain if you are polite. :)

A pretty flower we saw in a shop in Germany.

After breakfast, we headed to the University to have a traditional Bavarian meal. This was my worst meal in Germany--yes, you've guessed it: I had to face down the dreaded Weissworst. For those of you who speak (read: can decode) German, you already know why this particular food is so deadly. Imagine: a large, white sausage. That's what Weisswurst is, but it's so, so much more that that. Weissworst is a foe to be conquered, not a mere link of any ordinary sausage. Weissworst is the stuff of legend and nightmare, the things that young Germans are probably haunted by if they've been naughty. It's life. It's death. Heck, Weissworst is the closest thing to an enigmatic sausage as can be found anywhere in the entire world. (Hyperbole can sometimes be true. Forgive me for what is to come.)

And so it begins. . .

As everything fades away around you, your universe reduces to four essential essences: you, the Weissworst, and, your only potential saviors, a set of ordinary-looking-but-hopefully-magical (you're going to need every bit of help you can get!) silverware: a fork and a knife. Never taking your eyes away off of the Weisswurst (lest it have a second in which to begin a demonic incantation (I would love to see this!)), you slowly reach for and take hold of your weapons, your last hope against this dark threat. Weaving and bobbing as you approach (to confuse and confound the Weisswurst as much as to avoid it stinging acid sprays), you press the attack, increasing the tempo of battle as each second slowly passes. You call down a thunderous blessing upon your mighty weapons: "Justice and Light, come to my aid!" you cry, feeling power pass through your feeble limbs, arcing between the transformed fork and knife as each is activated in turn. For a brief, shining moment that seems like forever and never (at the same time, mind you), the three of you become one, a finely honed Emerald Sword, engaged in the cosmic fight against the very soul of Evil itself. This is the moment that you complete your strike, smiting the unholy sausage as it lies helpless on your place, bathed in a green corona of holy fire. Recalling the ancient rhyme, you complete your epic feat, sag in your chair, and breathe these words, which have been corroded by the fury of the wind:

For the King,
For the Land,
For the mountains!
For the valleys where green Dragons fly,
For the glory, the power,
To win the Black Lord!
I will smite the Evil Weissworst!

Your calling on Earth (and the prophecy that had been looming in a Sword-of-Damocles-esqe way for about 1800 years) has been fulfilled, and you are filled with an all-consuming happiness. You know now that you can die a happy man. There is nothing more. . .

If you've actually survived to this point, you deserve a prize. Hit me up for a beer the next time that we're together! What you probably don't know is, I wrote about 90% of my journal in the last two days before it was due, and because this is day 14, I was quite tired of writing at this point. The combination of my writer's fatigue and the horrible, horrible nature of Weisswurst produced the deplorable, crappy rip-off fantasy that you see above. Oh, and the centered lines are the chorus from a song called "Emerald Sword" by an Italian epic metal band called "Rhapsody of Fire".

After the Weissworst, was finished, Lydia and I toyed with the idea of setting up a trip to go see Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (or "Der Rache Der Sith", if deutsch is what you spreken), but then we were told that Elena was hosting a party at her place for all of us to go to, so we decided that, hey, why shouldn't we go? Everyone said how glad they were that we decided to come--I suppose that we would have been missed. It was smarter to go to Elena's house, anyway: to get to Munich costs about 10 Euros each way, so we would have had to spend about 30 Euros (not to mention pay for dinner!) just to get there, see the movie, and come back. Lydia did say that the only reason that she would go was to be with me, which I thought was very sweet. But, then, I have that sort of effect on women. ;)

Weisswurst U n l e a s h e d!

Note the "condom" in the upper center of the photo. Peter and I laughed so loud about this that I actually fell under the table and onto the floor! It really didn't help that the Weisswurst was, well, white.

Before the party, though Lydia helped me finish up all of my souvenir shopping after we turned in some library books of hers and went back to get my shoes. I was really pleased with the way that my shoes turned out, by the way. If I were to ever go back to that part of Augsburg (which seems highly unlikely), I would want to thank the shoemaker that I saw because he did such quality work. :) I had a great afternoon. Lydia and I were able to find a shirt for my sister and we also got some chocolates, which I thought was pretty cool. Shopping with Lydia was a lot of fun.

Here are my shoes, all nice and fixed! :D I was so pleased to get them back, I truly was. So far, they've held up well.

I wish now that I'd bought the shirt--it would have held up much longer than anything that I'd use to walk on the ground with! Why didn't I think of that at the time? Curses! :(

At the party, we ate dinner (which had been graciously prepared by Elena and Erika) and then watch most of The Incredibles, a movie by Disney. If you haven't seen the Incredibles, go get Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and watch it (even if you have seen that one), and then watch the Incredibles. It's a great movie. I'd recommend it to just about anyone.

This was my dinner company on Friday. I had a lovely time. Left to right: Erika (German), Silke (German), Peter (in hat), Claudia, Lydia (German), and Adam (me!)

After the movie, we began to say our goodbyes. We were all quite sad, I think, to be leaving Germany. I certainly would have stayed if given the chance! Lydia and I said goodbye at the one train terminal in Augsburg, but I knew that I would return (my older brother will be taking me back to Europe starting on 15 June 2005), so it wasn't all that bad. . . but man, do I sure miss being there. Even though I don't speak their language at all, the Germans made me feel truly welcome, something I appreciate more than I can say. Such ended my final day in Germany. As you can tell, I was quite touched by that place.

The final photo from my final night. It turned out to be a mess (the situations were an amateur photographer's nightmare), but Lydia and I enjoyed it regardless.

Onward, to Day 15!

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